Gutenberg Block Editor

Gutenberg is the new block-based content editor in WordPress.

These developer-focused tutorials will help you extend Gutenberg and build easier-to-manage websites for your clients.

Read Developer's Guide to Gutenberg

Block-based Widget Areas

Here’s a simple solution for using the block editor outside of the main content area, as a replacement for widget areas.

Block Styles in Gutenberg

Every block type in the WordPress editor can have multiple style options. I’ll show you how to add and remove style options from blocks.

Full and wide alignment in Gutenberg

The new WordPress block editor includes two new alignment options. To take advantage of the new alignment options, your theme must first support them. Include add_theme_support( ‘align-wide’ ) in your…

Recommended Plugins with Gutenberg Blocks

The new block editor in WordPress includes many core blocks, and you can add additional blocks through plugins. These are the tools I recommend using.