WordPress Development

As I build WordPress websites for my clients, I share what I learn here as tutorials.

Building ACF blocks with block.json

ACF 6.0 includes a major improvement to the way blocks are built. It now supports using block.json, which aligns with WordPress core’s preferred method for block registration. Why is this…

InnerBlocks with ACF blocks

Use InnerBlocks to insert any block (core or custom) inside your custom ACF block. Set the default content, limit which blocks can be used, and more.

How to remove core WordPress blocks

While I try to support all the core blocks in the themes I build, sometimes it makes sense to remove a few. Typically it’s because I built a custom block…

Using SpinupWP as a development server

SpinupWP gives you the features of a managed WordPress host on your own low-cost and scalable servers. It makes a great development environment.

Gutenberg Theme Development – Tips for Success

The new NexRep website is built completely with the Gutenberg block editor. We’ve built dozens of WordPress sites just like NexRep that rely on the block editor for rich, engaging…

Category specific email optin with WPForms

Almost all of our food blogger and publisher clients use email optins to encourage readers to join their email newsletter. We often customize the title and description of the form…

SASS Color Function

Specify your brand colors, and use the color() function to add them in your stylesheet.