WordPress Development

Building a Gutenberg website

Gutenberg is the new block-based content editor in WordPress. I’ll show you how to develop a Gutenberg-optimized WordPress theme and provide examples of client sites using Gutenberg.

Using Template Parts with Genesis

Template partials are small files that hold reusable sections of code in a theme. You can build one “post summary” partial and use it everywhere – archive pages, related posts, and landing page templates.

Related Posts with SearchWP

SearchWP is a relevancy-based search plugin. You can also use it to find and display related content.

Getting the most value from Genesis

Watch the on-demand webinar Includes a 15 minute presentation on the topic below, and 45 minutes of Q&A. Watch Now What is Genesis? Genesis is a theme framework, a base…

Introduction to CSS Grid

CSS Grid is a new layout system in CSS. It allows you to take an element on the page and turn it into a “grid” of columns and rows. It’s not a replacement for Flexbox or floats, but an additional tool that works great in certain contexts.

Determining feature support for your specific website

“Can I use” is a wonderful service that shows browser support for specific CSS features globally and in specific countries. But you can also import your Google Analytics data to see the browser support for users of your website.

10 ways to speed up your WordPress website

A slow website is painful to use, less engaging to visitors, and hurts your search engine rankings. I’ll walk you through the tools I use to identify performance problems, and provide ten tips to improve your website’s performance