Changes to my site

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning up the content of my site. The biggest thing I’ve done is migrate all the code from all my posts to github. This might mess with feedreaders a bit (some might not include the code), but it will make maintaining the code much easier.

Keeping WordPress from messing up code you’re sharing in the post editor can be difficult, and a lot of my old posts had mangled code. By moving everything to github I don’t have to worry about this anymore. It also means I can have a single source of code linked from multiple places (in a blog post, in a code snippet post…).

Other changes:

  • Created a Code Snippets area of my site. There’s a lot of little things I’d like to store on here but didn’t warrant a full blog post. It also makes searching through this code easier (there’s a tag cloud at the top). The RSS feed for my code snippets is
  • I’ve added an “old” category to my blog. If a tutorial is in this category, it is automatically appended with a notice that the code in here might not work and is no longer maintained. These posts are also excluded from search.
  • I created a Contributions page, which lists all my tutorials, themes, plugins, code snippets, patches, and developer tools. It’s great to finally have all this listed in one place.

So take a look around the site and let me know what you think.


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  1. Bill,

    Your website had really useful info. I have a question regarding your Code Snippets page. How did you use ‘wp_tag_cloud()’ in your taxonomy.php to display a specific custom tag when clicked on?


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