I have written 21 plugins, which have been downloaded 1,115,254 times.

Plugins are where I put pieces of functionality other WordPress users might also find useful. Whether it’s the ability to easily view all the images attached to the current post or a simple shortcode for generating dynamic listings of content, these are all things I’ve developed for clients and released publicly.

By releasing them as plugins, I can easily reuse them on future projects, add bug fixes and enhancements which the client can easily apply (click “Update Plugin”), and receive help on those fixes and enhancements from the community.

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I have spoken at 14 WordPress events.

I’ve spoken at many WordCamps, WordUps, and WordPress Meetups about both technical and business topics.

  • Post Status Publish 2017, “Interview with a Successful Freelancer” (August 2017)
  • WordCamp Miami 2015, “Expectation Management and Retaining Clients” panel (May 2015) video
  • WordCamp Miami 2015, “Scoping, Contracts, Invoicing, Legal OH MY” panel (May 2015) video
  • WordCamp San Diego 2015, “Choosing Clients” (March 2015) presentation
  • Genesis Office Hours, December 2014
  • Authority Intensive 2014, “Web Design Buzzwords: Here’s How They Translate Into Dollars” (May 2014) presentationnotes
  • WordCamp Austin 2014, “Developing an Integrated Events Calendar” (April 2014) presentation
  • WordCamp Austin 2013, “How to Succeed at Freelancing” (May 2013) presentation, notes
  • WordCamp Orange County, “Building a CRM on WordPress” (June 2012) presentation
  • WordCamp Austin, “Managing a Freelance Business” (May 2012) presentation, video
  • WordUp Austin, “Advanced Development Techniques” (Jan 2012) presentation
  • WordPress Austin Meetup, “Managing a Freelance Business” (Sept 2011) notes
  • WordPress Austin Meetup, “Custom Meta Boxes” (April 2011) information
  • WordCamp Austin, “WordPess Beyond Blogging” (Dec 2010) presentation
  • WordCamp Houston, “WordPress Beyond Blogging” (Aug 2010) presentation

I have shared 326 code snippets.

These are even more developer-focused than tutorials. This is my growing collection of snippets, most with only a line or two of description. If something isn’t large enough for a tutorial or I just want to find a piece of code again in the future, this is where I put it.

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I have written 121 tutorials.

Tutorials are more for developers. As I come up with clever solutions to problems or even find myself reusing a snippet of code often, I document it on my blog. My blog serves as my personal code repository, and hopefully others can learn from it too.

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