Hiring a developer to join our team

I’m searching for a WordPress Developer to help us build custom WordPress themes and support our clients. This is the perfect role for a WordPress developer with limited freelance work…

Any Business Questions?

I’d like to do more blog posts and conference talks on business/freelancing, but not sure exactly what I should talk about.

In Defense of Consulting Businesses

At conferences and meetings with other freelancers, a common desire I hear is to shift more of their revenue from “trade-time-for-money” services to “mailbox-money / scalable” products. As a successful service provider with no plans to shift business models, I’d like to explain my reasoning and start a discussion.

Changes to my site

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning up the content of my site. The biggest thing I’ve done is migrate all the code from all my posts to github. This might mess…

My SXSW Birthday Bash

If you’re in Austin for SXSW, come to my birthday party Monday night. We’re cooking an entire pig!

WordPress Beyond Blogging – Presentation

My presentation from WordCamp Houston. I outline 5 useful tools for extending WordPress beyond blogs: Frameworks, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Additional Sidebars, and Multiple Content Areas.

WordPress Updates as Email or RSS Reminder

WordPress does a great job of telling you to upgrade when you log in. But if you don’t log in often, you might miss an important security update. This will notify you via email or RSS.