Announcing Shared Counts

Shared Counts lets you preserve your non-HTTPS share counts and provides backend tools for discovering your popular content. It’s built for performance using lean assets and smart caching.

Allow users to like content

As part of my recent site redesign, I wanted users to be able to “like” content without having to leave a comment, use social media, or have a user account.…

Website Refresh

I’m excited to finally share a (much needed) update to my website!

How to Setup ConvertKit with a WordPress Form

Integrate ConvertKit and WPForms easily connects forms on your website to your ConvertKit email marketing account, enabling you to capture more leads and manage campaigns more effectively. WPForms‘ simple drag-and-drop form builder allows…

Plugin: Load Media from Production

When developing a website, only bring over a few months of uploads. This plugin will source the rest from the production website.

Dropdown Menu Class

Adds a CSS class of ‘menu-item-has-children’ to menu items with submenus. No Javascript Required.