WordPress Development

As I build WordPress websites for my clients, I share what I learn here as tutorials.

Using Block Templates with Gutenberg

Block templates are one of my favorite new features in Gutenberg. You can specify a list of blocks that automatically appear in the content editor, customize their attributes, and lock the template.

Gutenberg Theme Development

Start here if you’re interested in creating or customizing a block-based WordPress theme. This guide provides an overview of every feature you should consider, and links to feature-specific tutorials for more information.

Using Template Parts with Genesis

Template partials are small files that hold reusable sections of code in a theme. You can build one “post summary” partial and use it everywhere – archive pages, related posts, and landing page templates.

Related Posts with SearchWP

SearchWP is a relevancy-based search plugin. You can also use it to find and display related content.

Getting the most value from Genesis

What is Genesis? Genesis is a theme framework, a base upon which you build your own custom WordPress theme. Genesis helps you can build higher quality themes faster, and is…