Genesis Theme Framework

Genesis is a powerful tool for the rapid development of fast,
SEO friendly WordPress websites.

Genesis themes are free for WPEngine customers, or can be purchased from StudioPress.

Full Width Landing Pages in Genesis

Many of the websites in my portfolio use a full width approach for their homepages and landing pages. See my article on building landing pages with ACF for more information…

Rename the sidebars on Sixteen Nine theme

This theme uses ‘header-right’ for the left sidebar and ‘primary sidebar’ for the right. Rename them to ‘left sidebar’ and ‘right sidebar’

Authority Intensive: My Thoughts and Presentation

HTML5. Responsive Design. You’ve heard the buzzwords, but don’t know exactly why your website needs them. I’ll guide you through the latest tools your developer should be using, when they are appropriate, and the value they can bring to your business.

Column Class Generator

Column classes allow you to break a page’s content into multiple columns. I’ve built a calculator so you can update the column classes to match your site’s grid.