WordPress Updates as Email or RSS Reminder

WordPress does a great job of telling you to upgrade when you log in. But if you don’t log in often, you might miss an important security update. This will notify you via email or RSS.

Custom WordPress Queries

Here’s how to create a list of posts that doesn’t interfere with The Loop (what generates the content on your WordPress site).

Redirect Pages in Thesis

If you change a page’s name and URL, you’ll want to use this technique to make sure visitors to the old URL are redirected to the new one.

Custom Author Pages

Here’s an overview on how to build an extremely custom Author Page for Thesis.

Increase WordPress Upload Limit on BlueHost

If you’ve ever tried moving a large blog or uploading large images, you’ve run into the Upload Filesize Limit. This walks you through increasing it for BlueHost (and can be applied to other hosts).

Using Gravatars in WordPress

I’ll show you how to display an author’s gravatar next to post titles, and customize the default Gravatar for commenters who don’t have one already.