WordPress Development

As I build WordPress websites for my clients, I share what I learn here as tutorials.

Import and Export Your Design in Thesis

One of Thesis’ greatest features is the extensive design options. But these changes aren’t stored in the theme files. This tutorial will help if you’re planning to move your site or would like to backup your design changes.

Print Stylesheets

By adding a print stylesheet to your website, you ensure your site will look great on both the web and paper.

Featured Content Rotator in Thesis

I’ll walk you through the steps of adding a Featured Content slideshow to the top of your homepage (using the Featured Content Gallery plugin), and modifying the plugin to work with the default Thesis custom fields.

Adding Classes to Body

You’ll often want to write styles specifically for the home page, category pages, or some other type of page not covered by the default thesis classes. This quick tip will help you add classes to the body tag.

Multiple Content Areas

This is a very elegant solution to the problem of having multiple content areas on a single page. It uses headlines to identify the different blocks of content.

Additional Sidebars

Additional sidebars allow you to easily manage content that doesn’t fit in a post or page. I’ll outline how to implement them using Thesis, but you could also do this with any Wordpress theme.

Custom Images and Category Pages in Thesis

As I’ve been working with Thesis a lot lately, I thought it would be a good idea to start posting some tips for customizing it. This post covers customizing post image/thumbnails and displaying category posts on pages.