Sorting Query Results by Multiple Meta Keys


I’m building a website that features reviews of hosting companies. I’m storing Price, Rating, and “Top Pick” as post meta. Users can sort the results by Price, Rating and Post Date. The client wants Top Picks to always show up first. So if they select it to sort by Price (Low to High), it will first display all…

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Create Shortcut Arguments for Display Posts Shortcode


I might be biased, but I really enjoy using my Display Posts Shortcode plugin. It makes it easy to query posts without any code. It provides clients the ability to dynamically list whatever content they’d like without having me build custom templates. It’s also incredibly powerful – almost all of the WP_Query arguments are available. See…

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Tax Tips

Man Filling out Tax Form

Even if you hire someone else to prepare your taxes, it’s useful to be aware of potential savings so that you can provide your accountant the proper documentation. Here are some tips to minimize your tax bill.

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Structuring Payments to Align Stakeholders


Before you decide on your payment structure, it’s important to consider how it will affect the motivations of each party. You should pick a structure that aligns everyone’s interests towards a common goal – launching a well tested, successful website in a timely fashion.

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Full Width Landing Pages in Genesis


A lot of sites I’ve developed recently use a full width approach for their homepages and landing pages. Examples: OutboundEngine, Bloomfire, Informal Cowboy, and WebAssign. On pages like this, Genesis outputs a lot of markup you don’t need, like divs for .site-inner .wrap, .content-sidebar-wrap, .content, .entry …. We could remove the styling from those elements…

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