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Automatically display titles on Category and Tag Archives

Add this code automatically add your category or tag’s name to the top of category/tag archives.

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Authority Intensive: My Thoughts and Presentation

HTML5. Responsive Design. You’ve heard the buzzwords, but don’t know exactly why your website needs them. I’ll guide you through the latest tools your developer should be using, when they are appropriate, and the value they can bring to your business.

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iThemes Interview and Webinar on running a freelance business

iThemes recently conducted an in-depth interview with me. Check out the interview, and join our Q&A Webinar for Wednesday, May 14th.

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How to Remove the Genesis Page Templates

Don’t want “Blog” and “Archive” templates available in your child theme? Now that’s possible with WordPress 3.9.

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Customizing Menu Arguments

I’ll show you a simple filter for customizing the arguments of any menu, including the ones built into Genesis.

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Adding a Portfolio to any Genesis child theme

I walk you through adding a portfolio to your child theme, using an existing plugin and a few tweaks to your theme.

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Column Class Generator

Column classes allow you to break a page’s content into multiple columns. I’ve built a calculator so you can update the column classes to match your site’s grid.

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Business Tip: iBonds

As a freelancer, it’s a good idea to have an emergency fund. But where to put it? I describe the benefits of US Government I Bonds.

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Don’t use the Genesis Blog Page Template

Genesis includes a “Blog” page template for creating the blog. But don’t use this – do it the proper WordPress way.

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Easily regenerate specific images using WP-CLI

One of my favorite features of Synthesis, the host I use as my development server, is that it has WP-CLI pre-installed (here’s some other hosts that have it as well). It has a ton of features I use every day, but the one I’m going to highlight today is regenerating images. When you’re building a […]

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