iThemes Interview and Webinar on running a freelance business

iThemes recently conducted an in-depth interview with me. If you’re a freelance developer, or just interested in my overall process, check out these great articles:

Now that the interview has been released, iThemes has scheduled a webinar with me so members of their community can ask any questions they have.

It is scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th. You can sign up here to join in on the Q&A Webinar.

Hope to see some of you there!

Bill Erickson

Bill Erickson is a freelance WordPress developer and a contributing developer to the Genesis framework. For the past 14 years he has worked with attorneys, publishers, corporations, and non-profits, building custom websites tailored to their needs and goals.

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  1. Ryan Bickett says

    Hi Bill – I caught the interview articles with you on iThemes and enjoyed reading them. I am in the process of transitioning from my current job as a Digital Marketing Manager for a large corporation to running my own web design, development, and marketing business. I’ve come to realize that I need to pursue what I am passionate about and get enjoyment from. I appreciate the insights you have provided! They will come in very handy (and have already) as I start a new journey in my professional life.

  2. Richard Buff says

    Hey Bill,

    In another one of your interviews,, you mention your Varidesk sit/stand desk. I’m curious which model you have? And would you recommend it, or go with something different if you had to do it all over again? I’m looking to get a standing desk, budget isn’t really an issue, I would just like to get the most efficient and comfortable one.


    • Bill Erickson says

      I think this is the one I have. I like it! I like being able to switch from sitting to standing and not having to have two separate desks. The main complaint I’ve heard about this desk is if you’re tall, it doesn’t rise up high enough to put the keyboard at the right height, but it works just fine for me.

      • Richard Buff says

        My Varidesk Pro Plus 48 came in yesterday and so far I love it. Would definitely recommend it to anyone else.

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