Hide empty fields from GET form

I’ll often build advanced search forms which have multiple inputs for selecting different taxonomies or specifying some value. When you click submit, the empty ones show up in the URL string along with the used ones. This bit of Javascript strips the empty ones before submission so you have cleaner URLs.

// Remove empty fields from GET forms
// Author: Bill Erickson
// URL: http://www.billerickson.net/code/hide-empty-fields-get-form/
// Change 'form' to class or ID of your specific form
$("form").submit(function() {
$(this).find(":input").filter(function(){ return !this.value; }).attr("disabled", "disabled");
return true; // ensure form still submits
// Un-disable form fields when page loads, in case they click back after submission
$( "form" ).find( ":input" ).prop( "disabled", false );
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