AMP WordPress Developer

AMP is a framework for building incredibly fast and SEO-friendly websites. I can build you a completely custom, AMP-first WordPress website.

Key benefits

Every website can benefit from being built using the AMP framework. These benefits include:

  • Blazing fast speed. The AMP guidelines ensure your website is fast with minimal CSS (<50kb) and no custom JavaScript.
  • Zero second load time in Google mobile search results. When an AMP page appears in search results, Google will pre-load the page in the background, so when the user clicks the link your site has already loaded.
  • Improved SEO. Site speed and mobile usability are key ranking factors, and AMP will help you build the fastest version of your site. AMP sites also typically include structured data (Schema) that also improve your rankings.
  • Faster development. Rather than building all of your site’s custom components from scratch, we can use the vast AMP component library. This saves time and improves performance. Google has already provided us the components for the most performant carousels, popup windows, photo galleries, and more.

Industry specific benefits

AMP can provide even more value and powerful features to certain industries, like food bloggers, publishers, travel, fashion, and more.

  • Top Stories Carousel. For certain search queries, Google displays a Top Stories area above the search results. This area is limited to AMP articles. Having your articles featured here will dramatically increase your traffic.
  • Immersive AMP Stories. Google may also include a “Visual Stories” section above the search results for AMP stories. These are immersive, visual, mobile-optimized stories built on your site. Watch the video below for an example:

Experienced AMP WordPress Developer

It’s not easy building a custom designed WordPress website that works with AMP. You need a developer with experience building Native AMP websites for WordPress.

I have built AMP-first websites for myself (this is an AMP site) and my clients. I’ve also worked directly with Google and WPForms to test and improve AMP compatibility for the popular form plugin.

I have written many tutorials on AMP to help educate other WordPress developers on the benefits and technical hurdles.

Building a successful AMP website requires careful consideration and research from the start of the design process. If you’re interested in exploring this further, please fill out my contact form below.