Our Process

Our process consists of three phases: Discovery, Design, and Development. This approach allows us to define the user interaction, functional needs, and technical scope of your new site quickly, focusing design and development on implementing the right solution.

Phase 1: Discovery

Discovery is how we turn your problems into a plan.

It begins with a questionnaire covering your organization, products and services, business goals, customer demographics, competition, and more. 

After an investigative kick-off conference call, we perform a deep dive into your business, brand, industry competitors, any current sites you may have, and your analytics data to identify and investigate your problems. In some cases, we perform a technical audit of your existing site to understand the technical debt.

We then analyze our findings and document a plan to solve your problems, and work with you to refine the plan to ensure it meets your specific needs. This outlines the organization of your site, how users will navigate it, the order of page content, and when users need to manipulate content.

We use this documentation to identify key pages, page types, content needs, functionality, and technical requirements, establishing the project scope used to provide a fixed bid for Design.

What to Expect:

  • You will complete and submit our project questionnaire prior to the start of Discovery
  • You will provide us access to your current website and Google Analytics (if applicable)
  • You will participate in a Discovery kick-off conference call
  • We will define, research, and analyze the problem
  • We will describe our solution with a new site architecture map and wireframes of key pages
  • You will work with us to refine our solution, with two rounds of revisions available
  • We will use the completed wireframes to establish a fixed bid for the Design phase

Phase 2: Design

Design is how we turn the plan into mockups.

You provide available brand assets—which could include logos, colors, guidelines, photography, etc—and we source additional assets such as web fonts, icons, and stock photography.

Using the plan documentation, including visitor browser and device data, we establish a responsive layout grid, typography, and base style guide with heading and text styles, buttons, blocks, and more.

We then design user interface elements such as site navigation for desktop and mobile, footers, tab bars, cover images, call-to-action areas, cards, posts, lists, form fields, and other repeatable visual elements.

With these elements defined, we begin design exploration of key pages, iterating layouts until we have mockups that meet plan requirements. We then work with you to refine the key page mockups to meet your specific needs.

We use the completed mockups to establish technical scope and provide a fixed bid for Development.

What to Expect:

  • You will provide any available assets: logos, colors, brand guidelines, photography
  • We will gather additional assets: fonts, icons, stock photography, and text content from your current website (if applicable)
  • Using the completed Discovery documentation, we will create layout grids, color styles, type styles, icon styles, and theme assets
  • We will design mockups of the key pages, menu systems, and any necessary interactivity
  • You will work with us to refine our design, with two rounds of revisions available
  • We will use the completed designs to establish a fixed bid for the Development phase

Phase 3: Development

Development is how we turn mockups into a fully functional website.

First we set up a version controlled development environment and then, following the completed designs, we use modern tools and expertly crafted code to build a blazingly fast and SEO friendly website, paired with an easy to manage backend, delivering a custom, tailor-made, high performance WordPress theme.

We use industry leading plugins when it makes sense—for example, using WPForms for contact form—and craft custom plugins for features that are uniquely yours, like an events calendar, API integrations, and more.

No matter how feature-rich and complex the website appears, a non-technical editor can easily maintain it. We provide video tutorials for WordPress training, detailed editing notes explaining custom developed features, and a phone-based walkthrough of your website. 

After initial development, you will review the fully functional site in a staging environment where you will test the features and update content.

Upon approval, we will migrate the site to your live web server. We can also provide hosting recommendations to ensure your site stays blazingly fast after launch.

What to Expect:

  • We will implement the competed design as a mobile responsive custom WordPress theme with a focus on speed, scalability, security, and SEO
  • We will create an easy to manage backend
  • We will perform visual design quality assurance and test on modern browsers and devices
  • We will create documentation for initial training and ongoing reference
  • You will receive phone-based training (1hr)
  • You will review the fully functional site in a staging environment where you will review, modify, and input additional content
  • We will launch your new website

Sample Timeline

Discovery Phase

Jul 6 - 24 (3 weeks)

Design Phase

Jul 27 - Sep 4 (6 weeks)

Development Phase

Sep 7 - 25 (3 weeks)

Modification Period

Sep 28 - Oct 9 (2 weeks)*

Migration and Launch

Oct 12, dependent on Modification Period*