Hosting Recommendations

I always recommend you use some form of WordPress managed hosting. These are hosts that cater specifically to WordPress websites. Their servers are usually better configured, caching is already set up for you, and their support is more knowledgeable about WordPress issues. They typically offer functionality that non-WordPress hosts don’t, like one-click backups and restores, a staging server, and security monitoring.

WPEngine – My Top Recommendation

WPEngine is priced reasonably, starting at $35/month, and leads the market in quality and features. They are fast with built-in caching, have a great backup solution, staging environments, security monitoring and remediation (they fix hacked websites). Their support is fast and knowledgeable.

If you’re changing hosts, you can use their free, automated migration tool to quickly and easily move your site to WPEngine. I use this to migrate client sites to my WPEngine development server.

As a developer they offer wp cli and git push. You can create unlimited password-protected, transferrable installs, which I use for developing client sites. When a client is ready to go live, you type in their email and the install gets transferred to them – no migration necessary.

The only downside is their pricing is partly based on pageviews. I think their entry-level plan, $35 for 25k visits/month, is a steal. I also recommend their Growth plan, $115/month for 100k visits. But if you have more than 100k visits on a fairly straightforward website, it may be more cost effective to use LiquidWeb.

If WPEngine is outside your budget, consider SiteGround which starts at $3.95/month.  If you do choose a lower priced host, I recommend also using BackupBuddy for backups and Sucuri for security monitoring/remediation.

If you have a high traffic site and have custom, enterprise-level requirements, I recommend you consider Pantheon and Pagely.