Using Taxonomies

Taxonomies allow you to organize content in different ways. I’ll walk you through creating and implementing custom taxonomies, as well as show you how I used taxonomies for my personal portfolio.

Using Shortcodes

Shortcodes are a great tool if you need to stick code or reusable pieces of content inside your posts or pages.

Adding Facebook Like

Want to add the “like” button to your website, but you’re using Thesis or Genesis? Here’s the functions you should write to get it up and running.

Make Menu visible over Youtube Video

If you have videos on your site and are using a dropdown menu, chances are you’ve run into the issue where the menu goes behind the video. The typical solution…

Adding Content to Genesis Navigation

Want more control over what shows up before or after your navigation? This shows you how to extend Genesis’ Primary Navigation Extras using filters.

Using Custom Post Types

Custom post types let you create logical divisions of content and context-specific meta information boxes. If your site features content other than posts and pages, use this to manage it.