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When you upload an image, WordPress will automatically scale and crop it to many different sizes. If you’re not happy with the auto-crops, use this plugin to upload an alternative image.


If you have images showing up in your theme already, there’s nothing you need to do after activating this plugin. All WordPress functions that provide the thumbnail should now automatically work with your override image. So you can use the_post_thumbnail(), wp_get_attachment_image()….

When the plugin is deactivated, or if you delete an override image, the original auto-cropped image will be used.

Note that this only applies to the featured image of a post.

Limit post types

By default it will add the metabox to all post types (post, page, and any custom ones you create). But, this list is editable to you through a filter. To limit it to just posts, add this to your theme’s functions.php file:

If you wanted it for posts and a rotator post type, change the array to this: array( 'post', 'rotator' ).

Limit image sizes

By default the metabox will list all available image sizes – including the built-in ones (thumbnail, medium, and large), and any custom ones you have added using add_image_size(). This is also editable by a filter. To limit it to thumbnails and large, add this to your theme’s functions.php file:


Please post all support questions on the official support forum.

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  1. David Radovanovic says

    Very smart plugin! I have several WordPress sites to try this booger on. I’ll let know how things go. Thanks again.