Two Column Comment Form

This snippet uses Javascript to break the WordPress comment form into two columns. These columns have Column Classes applied so they will match the site’s grid, scale down proportionally, and on small screens switch to a single column.

// Two Column Comment Form
// Author: Bill Erickson
// URL:
if( $('.comment-form-author').length ) {
$('.comment-form').prepend( '<div class="one-half comment-form-right" />' );
$('.comment-form').prepend( '<div class="one-half first comment-form-left" />' );
$('.comment-form-author').appendTo( '.comment-form-left' );
$('.comment-form-email').appendTo( '.comment-form-left' );
$('.comment-form-url').appendTo( '.comment-form-left' );
$('.comment-form-comment').appendTo( '.comment-form-right' );
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