What is a technical site audit?

During discovery, we examine your needs and define a solution that meets your goals. If you have an existing website, we also need a deep understanding of its construction and technical dependencies to make this assessment.

A technical audit will typically include:

  • Speed testing of your current website and hosting environment. We will create a list of recommended improvements and establish a baseline for testing the new site.
  • Plugin audit. A review of currently active plugins, with recommendations whether to remove, replace, rebuild, or keep.
  • Theme audit. What templates and functionality do you currently have that needs to be included in the new site? Does that code require minor improvements or a complete rewrite?
  • Content review. What dependencies do you have in your current content? Are you using a lot of shortcodes? What will be the impact of removing certain plugins on your site’s content? Do we need to migrate data from one plugin to another?
  • Database review. What abandoned tables have been left behind by old plugins? What improvements can we make to improve performance?
  • File structure review. Have WP core files been modified, or is content not being stored in the correct locations? If we migrate to a new hosting environment, what could break?

The audit will depend upon what’s in your current site and your plan for the new site. For instance, if we’re planning to rewrite all the content, plugin dependencies for shortcodes in the content are less important.