What is included in personalized training?

Every website we build is easy to update. That’s one of the key reasons to build your website with a CMS like WordPress – so you don’t have to hire a developer to make updates.

We provide the following training resources to ensure your team is ready to maintain your website.

Video Training via WP101

In the backend of your website you’ll find an always accessible video training library, guiding you through all the aspects of a standard WordPress website. When WordPress is updated, these videos are automatically updated as well, so they always provide accurate information. Here’s an example video.

Phone-based Training

Our proposal will include 1-2 hours of phone-based training for your team. This is best used for the custom features we build for you that aren’t covered in the videos.

Editor Notes

When the website is ready for review, you’ll receive a detailed Editor Notes document that walks through how to manage every page template and feature we built for your website.

Developer Notes

We will also provide a Developer Notes document that guides any developers you may hire in the future on best practices and how the site is constructed. This will cover topics including code organization, whether to place customizations in a theme or plugin, code compiling, and making code changes.

Inline Documentation

Your theme and custom plugins will include inline documentation, providing context and clarity to a future developer editing this code. They will often include links to blog posts or code snippets providing more information on why that feature was built a certain way.