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Genesis CRM for WordPress

Genesis CRM allows you to manage all your prospective clients, active projects, and completed projects using the WordPress interface.

Customizing WordPress Menus

I’ll show you how to limit visibility of certain menu items to logged in users, and how to modify the menu itself using filters.

Creating a WordPress Widget

I’ll walk you through building a widget, using a Subpages widget as an example.

Export WordPress Content to Excel

Here’s a way to get your WordPress content into a table that can easily be moved to a spreadsheet. This is best if you’re using WordPress to collect data and want to analyze it in Excel. I use it for keeping track of incoming client inquiries.

Using Template Parts with Genesis

Template partials are small files that hold reusable sections of code in a theme. You can build one “post summary” partial and use it everywhere – archive pages, related posts, and landing page templates.

Getting the most value from Genesis

What is Genesis? Genesis is a theme framework, a base upon which you build your own custom WordPress theme. Genesis helps you can build higher quality themes faster, and is…

Adding Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments can be a great tool to increase the social sharing of posts. When people leave a comment, it will be shared on Facebook. Since most people are already…

h1’s on front page with Genesis

If you’re using a Genesis theme, make sure your homepage has an h1 on it. This article outlines how to find it, and how to add it if you don’t already have one.