My BE Stats plugin uses the WordPress.com stats (packaged in Jetpack) to find out your most popular posts.

I ask WordPress.com for the 100 most popular posts over the past 30 days. This includes both posts and pages, since their stats don’t let you filter based on post type. I filter this list down to just posts and then store its ranking as post meta. This is why the count you see below is lower than 100 (only XX of my top 100 pages were posts).

I’m storing the WordPress.com data in a transient set to expire every 24 hours. Once it expires, the next time a logged in user visits the site, it will ask WordPress.com for new data, then update all the post meta. This process can cause the page load to be a few seconds, which is why I’m doing it for logged in users (ex: your staff) rather than anyone. The post meta (used in listing posts) is only replaced once new data is available, so our popular posts will always work.

You can use this data in custom queries, or use the Display Posts Shortcode plugin to query inside your post content.

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