Display menu items with equal widths

Normally if you use percentage-based widths and add new menu items, you need to go edit CSS. This approach automatically updates the CSS based on the number of menu items present.

Customize which menu item is marked active

Use this filter to customize the CSS classes on menu items. For instance, make “Blog” active if you’re on the blog homepage, category archive, or a single post.

Customizing Menu Arguments

I’ll show you a simple filter for customizing the arguments of any menu, including the ones built into Genesis.

Dropdown Menu Class

Adds a CSS class of ‘menu-item-has-children’ to menu items with submenus. No Javascript Required.

Custom Secondary Menu

Custom Menus are great for sitewide menus, but what if you only want to list a section’s subpages? I’ll walk you through pulling the relevant subpages from your custom menu.

Customizing WordPress Menus

I’ll show you how to limit visibility of certain menu items to logged in users, and how to modify the menu itself using filters.