WordPress Beyond Blogging – Presentation

My presentation from WordCamp Houston. I outline 5 useful tools for extending WordPress beyond blogs: Frameworks, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Additional Sidebars, and Multiple Content Areas.

WordPress Post Thumbnails with Captions

This tip is for all themes that support WordPress’ Post Thumbnails (also known as Featured Images). If you’re using Thesis, this does not apply to you since Thesis uses its…

Adding Content Between Posts in Thesis

This shows you how to stick code between certain posts, but not all of them. It’s very useful for including ads or other content you don’t want repeated.

How to Move your WordPress Website

Here’s how you quickly move a WordPress website from one server to another, without losing any content or settings. This is what I do when I’ve built a client’s site on my development server and it’s time to launch.

WordPress Updates as Email or RSS Reminder

WordPress does a great job of telling you to upgrade when you log in. But if you don’t log in often, you might miss an important security update. This will notify you via email or RSS.

Custom WordPress Queries

Here’s how to create a list of posts that doesn’t interfere with The Loop (what generates the content on your WordPress site).