In Defense of Consulting Businesses

At conferences and meetings with other freelancers, a common desire I hear is to shift more of their revenue from “trade-time-for-money” services to “mailbox-money / scalable” products. As a successful service provider with no plans to shift business models, I’d like to explain my reasoning and start a discussion.

Building my Portfolio

I walk you through how I built the portfolio section of my website.

Multiple Authors for a Post

If you have a magazine-like website, you might need to specify multiple authors for a single post.

Overriding Options and Meta

One of my favorite “under-the-hood” features of WordPress and Genesis is the ability to override almost any kind of option/meta: site options, post meta, user meta, term meta….

Custom Secondary Menu

Custom Menus are great for sitewide menus, but what if you only want to list a section’s subpages? I’ll walk you through pulling the relevant subpages from your custom menu.