Introduction to CSS Grid

CSS Grid is a new layout system in CSS. It allows you to take an element on the page and turn it into a “grid” of columns and rows. It’s not a replacement for Flexbox or floats, but an additional tool that works great in certain contexts.

10 ways to speed up your WordPress website

A slow website is painful to use, less engaging to visitors, and hurts your search engine rankings. I’ll walk you through the tools I use to identify performance problems, and provide ten tips to improve your website’s performance

My Development Workflow

I recently joined Carrie Dils for an Office Hours discussion about workflows. Once the podcast is live I’ll include a link, but here’s a quick summary of what we discussed. Themes I have two starter themes: EA Starter, a heavily-modified, underscores-based theme; and EA Genesis Child, a Genesis child theme. Both are structured very similarly.…

Using git with WordPress on SiteGround

I use SiteGround for most of my personal websites. I love it because I can create unlimited sites without any additional cost. I prefer to use git to deploy code rather than SFTP. I make my changes locally, and when I’m happy with it I push them with git push production master. SiteGround has git support…