Network of Websites

The theme is modular and extensible, so it can be used across an entire network of sites (The Western Journal, Conservative Tribune, Liftable, The Wildcard). Each site has a unique look and features, while maintaining core network functionality (popular/related content, ad network integration…).

By separating network functionality and site-specific functionality, we can easily deploy improvements and bug fixes across the entire network of sites, keeping all sites up-to-date. Everything is version controlled, and code contribution and deployment guidelines are documented for the whole development team to use (example).

Focus on Performance

We’ve optimized assets and queries to run as fast as possible. Small performance improvements result in large gains when scaling to an audience this size. We have multiple levels of intelligent caches. For instance, we refresh the “Trending Articles” about every hour – long enough for trending articles to change, but short enough for the list to stay fresh.

Ad Management

We built a backend interface for the AdOps team to easily customize the ad options across the site. Previously, this required editing lots of Javascript code and it was easy to make mistakes, leading to broken ad code and lost revenue.

Infinite Scroll

To keep readers browsing the website, we automatically load more posts as they reach the bottom of the page. This was built in a performant, cache-friendly way so it won’t slow down the server with many AJAX requests.

Share Counts

Displaying how often a post is shared on social networks provides social proof of the popularity and quality of the article, but often cause performance issues due to calling back to Facebook. We built a custom social sharing plugin which heavily caches the counts to increase performance. They refresh less often as the post gets older.  We’re also able to use this data when determining relevant and popular posts.

Bill is one of the most experienced WordPress developers we have worked with. He’s extremely efficient with his time and is always responsive to the particular needs for each project. He has an extremely broad understanding of WordPress and if he doesn’t know something (which is rare) he’s always willing to research the best way to do something. I would absolutely recommend Bill for your WordPress development needs.

Patrick Brown, CEO, Liftable Media Inc

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