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Creating a WordPress Widget

I’ll walk you through building a widget, using a Subpages widget as an example.

Export WordPress Content to Excel

Here’s a way to get your WordPress content into a table that can easily be moved to a spreadsheet. This is best if you’re using WordPress to collect data and want to analyze it in Excel. I use it for keeping track of incoming client inquiries.

How to Move your WordPress Website

Here’s how you quickly move a WordPress website from one server to another, without losing any content or settings. This is what I do when I’ve built a client’s site on my development server and it’s time to launch.

Custom WordPress Queries

Here’s how to create a list of posts that doesn’t interfere with The Loop (what generates the content on your WordPress site).

Using Gravatars in WordPress

I’ll show you how to display an author’s gravatar next to post titles, and customize the default Gravatar for commenters who don’t have one already.

Why Developers Love the Thesis WordPress Theme

(Originally posted on Building43, Rackspace’s community website) Frameworks have become all the rage in the development community. There’s Rails for Ruby, Blueprint for CSS, and now Thesis for WordPress. Thesis…

WordPress for Clunkers

For Christmas, I’ll be redesigning a website for free! I’m calling it “WordPress for Clunkers”