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WordPress Development

As I build WordPress websites for my clients, I share what I learn here as tutorials.

How to remove core WordPress blocks

While I try to support all the core blocks in the themes I build, sometimes it makes sense to remove a few. Typically it’s because I built a custom block…

Custom logo on the WordPress login

Personalizing the WordPress login screen with your own logo is a great idea, especially if you have users logging in.

Building a WordPress theme with Gutenberg

A detailed walkthrough of how I develop custom WordPress themes, including custom blocks, archive pages, and modular templates.

WordPress AMP Contact Form

AMP is a framework for developing fast and SEO-friendly websites. Here’s how to add contact and newsletter subscription forms to your WordPress AMP website.

How to Create an eBook Optin Form in WordPress

Giving away eBooks, white papers, and other valuable content is great way to grow your email list. Here’s how to build your own eBook optin form.

Building a Native AMP WordPress site

I’ll walk you through building a Native AMP WordPress site, discuss common issues, and provide tools to make development easier.

10 ways to speed up your WordPress website

A slow website is painful to use, less engaging to visitors, and hurts your search engine rankings. I’ll walk you through the tools I use to identify performance problems, and provide ten tips to improve your website’s performance