Sharing WordPress tips and tricks as I find them

Authority Intensive: My Thoughts and Presentation

HTML5. Responsive Design. You’ve heard the buzzwords, but don’t know exactly why your website needs them. I’ll guide you through the latest tools your developer should be using, when they are appropriate, and the value they can bring to your business.

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iThemes Interview and Webinar on running a freelance business

iThemes recently conducted an in-depth interview with me. Check out the interview, and join our Q&A Webinar for Wednesday, May 14th.

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Business Tip: iBonds

As a freelancer, it’s a good idea to have an emergency fund. But where to put it? I describe the benefits of US Government I Bonds.

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Any Business Questions?

I’d like to do more blog posts and conference talks on business/freelancing, but not sure exactly what I should talk about.

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In Defense of Consulting Businesses

At conferences and meetings with other freelancers, a common desire I hear is to shift more of their revenue from “trade-time-for-money” services to “mailbox-money / scalable” products. As a successful service provider with no plans to shift business models, I’d like to explain my reasoning and start a discussion.

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Changes to my site

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning up the content of my site. The biggest thing I’ve done is migrate all the code from all my posts to github. This might mess with feedreaders a bit (some might not include the code), but it will make maintaining the code much easier. Keeping WordPress from messing up code […]

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Tips for maintaining your freelance business while traveling

Planning a vacation? Here’s some tips for maintaining your business so you’re ready to work when you get back.

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My SXSW Birthday Bash

If you’re in Austin for SXSW, come to my birthday party Monday night. We’re cooking an entire pig!

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WordCamp Austin – WordPress Beyond Blogging

Here’s the summary of my talk for WordCamp Austin today. If you’re at WordCamp, use this to follow along.

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WordPress Beyond Blogging – Presentation

My presentation from WordCamp Houston. I outline 5 useful tools for extending WordPress beyond blogs: Frameworks, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, Additional Sidebars, and Multiple Content Areas.

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