Custom Secondary Menu


Custom Menus are great for sitewide menus, but what if you only want to list a section’s subpages? I’ll walk you through pulling the relevant subpages from your custom menu.

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Admin Pages with Genesis


One of the best new features of Genesis 1.8 (and there are many) is a tool for making admin pages. These are needed if you’re building a plugin or a complex theme with site-wide settings that need to be managed. I recently built an Event Manager theme for promoting an event, and on our Event…

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Changes to my site

Sunset on a boat

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning up the content of my site. The biggest thing I’ve done is migrate all the code from all my posts to github. This might mess with feedreaders a bit (some might not include the code), but it will make maintaining the code much easier. Keeping WordPress from messing up code…

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