Sharing WordPress tips and tricks as I find them

Admin Pages with Genesis

One of the best new features of Genesis 1.8 (and there are many) is a tool for making admin pages. These are needed if you’re building a plugin or a complex theme with site-wide settings that need to be managed. I recently built an Event Manager theme for promoting an event, and on our Event […]

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Manually Curated Related Posts

Here’s a way to specify which posts show up as “related” to the current post, as an alternative to the many plugins that automatically generate your list of related posts.

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Using Column Classes

Here’s how I make multiple columns of content.

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Reusing Template Files

I walk you through building your own template hierarchy, to specify which template to use under certain conditions.

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Custom Metaboxes 0.7

Use this code library to easily create metaboxes with all different types of fields. I review some of the newest features to CMB 0.7

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Changes to my site

I’ve spent the weekend cleaning up the content of my site. The biggest thing I’ve done is migrate all the code from all my posts to github. This might mess with feedreaders a bit (some might not include the code), but it will make maintaining the code much easier. Keeping WordPress from messing up code […]

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Gallery Metabox

I’ve built a simple plugin that shows all the attached images when editing a post.

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Core Functionality Plugin

A WordPress theme should only contain that which relates to the look and feel of the site. Any core functionality belongs in a plugin.

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Adding fields to the Media Gallery

Here’s two ways to customize the media uploader: adding a “Photo credit” section, and adding an “Include in Rotator” selection.

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Customizing the WordPress Query

One of the most powerful features of WordPress is the WP Query. Here’s how to control it.

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