Full Width Landing Pages in Genesis

A lot of sites I’ve developed recently use a full width approach for their homepages and landing pages. Examples: OutboundEngine, Bloomfire, Informal Cowboy, and WebAssign. On pages like this, Genesis outputs a lot of markup you don’t need, like divs for .site-inner .wrap, .content-sidebar-wrap, .content, .entry …. We could remove the styling from those elements […]

Blog Sidebar in Genesis

This snippet will let you register a Blog Sidebar, and use that sidebar through the blog section of your site (blog home, single posts, categories, tags…). The Primary Sidebar will be used for the rest of the website.

Genesis Shortcodes

Genesis comes with a bunch of shortcodes built-in. This is a list of all of them, including links to StudioPress for more information (requires login). 3:34 pm more 3:34 pm more Bill Erickson more Bill Erickson more Bill Erickson more more more more more more more  2015 more more Genesis Framework more StudioPress more WordPress […]

Migrate Thesis Images to Genesis

If you’re moving from Thesis to Genesis, you might find that all your posts using Thesis’ Post Image are no longer displaying their image. Thesis stores its images in a custom field only they use. Genesis fill first check for the Featured Image (a WordPress core feature), and if that’s not provided it will see […]